Helena Holloway has an acceptance letter from Stanford University and loving parents who fund her every whim, but those things don’t matter to her if millions of people don’t know her name. When a new social media platform starts to become popular, she takes the opportunity to build an illusion, beginning with fake followers and eventually scamming her way into a book deal. But is she in over her head? Will she be able to keep up with all of her lies and deliver on the promises she’s made?⁣⁣⁣

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With Love From the Confession Booth

Chapter One

A Memoir Named Desire

Chapter Two

Scheming Makes You Hotter

Chapter Three

Bait and Set

Chapter Four

The Dream Manufacturer

Chapter Five

Heaven Spelled Backwards

Chapter Six

Tableaux Vivant

Chapter Seven

Life of the Party

Chapter Eight

Kiss Me Under the Golden Gate

Chapter Nine

Icily, Almost Innocently

Chapter Ten

Impure Heroine

Chapter Eleven

Signed, Scammed, Delivered — I’m Yours

Chapter Twelve

Funnel of Winners

Chapter Thirteen

La La Sand

Chapter Fourteen

Fight and Flight

Chapter Fifteen

Vanity Metrics

Chapter Sixteen

Only Alive When Seen

Brown rabbit in a pink-and-white rose striped dress walking through the fog in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Chapter Seventeen


Chapter Eighteen

And I Wasn’t Like

Chapter Nineteen

Love Me Not

Chapter Twenty

State of the Union

Rabbit in a pink tutu skirt and white striped top hanging off the side of a sailboat in Miami's Biscayne Bay

Chapter Twenty-One


Chapter Twenty-Two

Two Girls, One Boat

Chapter Twenty-Three

Visionaries and Myopes

Chapter Twenty-Four

Calamity Call

Chapter Twenty-Five

Chaotic Delight

Chapter Twenty-Six

Bedroom Agreements

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Best Friend Moment

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Illusions of Grandeur

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Main Character Syndrome

Brown rabbit in a white dress with a turquoise bow sitting at a bar

Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty-One

Guest of Honor

Brown rabbit in a red dress sitting at a carousel bar

Chapter Thirty-Two

Those Who Make and Those Who Take

Chapter Thirty-Three

Bad Faith

Chapter Thirty-Four

Forgiveness, Not Permission

Chapter Thirty-Five

Competitive Advantage

Chapter Thirty-Six

Implementation Details