Infrequently Asked Questions

All questions courtesy of Askhole Web.

What relatively common experience have you never had?

I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.

There is a button before you. If you press it, the entire world loses the enchantment it feels when looking at super beautiful faces. Everyone can still see and recognize faces, but all faces feel equally attractive. Would you press the button?


Did your parents do a good job?

Absolutely. They let me do almost anything I wanted, and they never tried to decide my future for me. If I wanted kids, I’d want to raise them like my parents raised me. I don’t want kids, though.

Do you feel a greater sense of satisfaction when you gain approval from people who are very similar to you, or very different from you?

People who are very different. Why would I feel good preaching to the choir?

What’s a lie you wish you could stop telling yourself?

“I’m okay if people assume that I’m a woman.” I have, however, gotten quite good at not having it bother me so much.

Would you rather drown a puppy or have everyone think you drowned a puppy?

I’d rather have everyone think I drowned a puppy. External shame’s got nothing on my conscience.

What’s died in you?

My trust in the world being able to correct itself after huge setbacks.

If you could press a button that would instantly erase every single false belief you have, would you do it?


What is the most significant thing you’ve ever changed your mind about?

Capitalism. I used to think that it was a beautiful, free, efficient system that gave everyone what they deserved. Now I’m less sure about that, and I only read Ayn Rand for the stories.